Canine Influenza

Island Animal Hospital of Venice is your local Pet Vet Clinic and we are dedicated to the good health and well-being of your family pets. In the past few days, we’ve noticed Dog Influenza making the news so we thought we’d address it in this week’s blog.

Coughing and sneezing in a dog is usually a sign of bordetella, or kennel cough but in recent weeks there have been approximately 1000 of cases of canine influenza across the country, mostly in the northern midwest. It has killed a few dogs but is still considered rare. Canine Influenza is a viral respiratory infection in dogs. A dog will cough, sneeze and run a fever, between 103-107 degree fever can last a few weeks. Dogs with ‘smooshed’ noses such as bulldogs and pugs have a tougher time with the flu than other breeds. Like other flu strains, it is transmitted through the air and through close contact

Some tips to help your dog avoid Canine Influenza follow.

  • When taking your dog to a kennel, inspect the facility for cleanliness and good ventilation.
  • Make sure your kennel or doggie day care insists all dogs are fully vaccinated.
  • When going to a dog park take your own water bowl for you dog to use instead of the communal one.
  • If your dog is very young, very old or has a compromised immune system, keep it somewhat isolated.

If you suspect your dog may be ill with canine influenza contact your vet immediately and keep him or her isolated until you have a diagnosis confirmed or denied. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call our office.