Veterinary Medicine

Preventative medicine:

At Island Animal Hospital of Venice we believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!! However, not all pets are the same. Every pet should have a comprehensive exam from our licensed veterinarian every year with discussions of preventative vaccinations, preventative parasite medications, and testing tailored to the individual pet’s lifestyle and risk assessment. Our veterinary hospital follows the current AVMA and AAHA extended vaccine protocols to ensure your pet is getting the protection it needs but not over vaccinated. (Low cost vaccine clinics don’t follow this current extended protocol and usually don’t do a full physical exam. If you compare apples to apples on what you are getting, they aren’t usually low cost after all!!)

Medicine and diagnostic testing:

Many times our vetarinarian can diagnose what’s wrong just by performing a thorough nose to tail physical exam. Sometimes diagnostic testing or x-rays of your pet are needed to get a diagnosis. After the examination, your pet may need lab work to assess the various body functions such as kidney, liver, blood counts, and diabetes, etc. We have the capability to do most testing either in house or through the use of an outside laboratory. Sometimes referral for an ultrasound may be needed. Island Animal works with some of the best veterinarians in Sarasota for ultrasound to help get a diagnosis. The following is a list of common diagnostic tests that your pet may need.

  • lab work testing (CBC, Chemistry, Thyroid, tick disease testing, FELV/FIV testing, heartworm testing) full outside lab capabilities
  • Ear and Skin Cytology
  • Biopsy/histopathology
  • X-rays
  • EKG
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Glaucoma testing/tonometry
  • Microbiology culture/sensitivity testing
  • Oxygen tank therapy
  • IV fluid therapy/fluid pumps
  • Pulse oximetry

Some diseases require lifelong medication and monitoring. We pride ourselves in spending the necessary time to educate each owner and answer any and all questions regarding your pets’ healthcare. Our trained staff is very committed to helping you manage your pet once the diagnosis is made. We carry a full pharmacy of the common medications and dietary food and supplements. We can also order medications and diets for certain conditions. By utilizing coupons and generics when possible, we strive to be cost effective and competitive with any legitimate pharmacy. At our hospital, it is our priority to educate you about the medication your pet is on. We are here if a problem should arise, so don’t hesitate to call!!

Euthanasia and Cremation services:

When the time comes that a pet is suffering or end of life services are needed, rest assured that we will listen to your concerns and wishes. Our job is to make this time as dignified and comfortable for you and your pet as possible. We handle everything for you and offer either communal or full private cremation with only your pets ashes returned to you. We always honor and cherish the human animal bond and treat you and your pet with the utmost respect.