Dental Care for Your Cat

Good health begins in the mouth, this goes not just for the diet your cat put in his or her mouth but for their teeth as well. It is important to check your cat’s teeth regularly. It’s best to condition your cat to having its mouth handled and examine from the time it is a kitten. You can brush your cat’s teeth by taking a small amount of cat toothpaste or salt and water and a cotton ball and wipe them clean. One way to check your cat’s dental health is a sniff test. Does your cat’s breath smell good? If not, it may be time for your veterinarian to examine your cat and see if there is something wrong.

According to the ASPCA checking your cat’s gums is also an essential part of dental care. Look at the color and test the firmness. If your cat’s gums are pink and firm, that’s a good sign of dental health. Especially if your cat seems to be losing weight, check it’s teeth since dental pain can put any critter off its food. You can look for any swelling and broken teeth when you are checking the gums. A broken tooth may need to be removed, if the pulp is showing or if it split beyond the gum line. It’s best, of course, to check with your veterinarian. Especially swelling needs to be examined by your vet since this can be a sign of a very serious condition. It’s best to rule out serious illness. If your cat just needs its teeth cleaned a day visit to the vet can take care of that with a cleaning. This will keep your cat’s mouth in top shape so it is in good condition for the duration of your cat’s life.