1. Tips For Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

        Dr. Teuscher is proud to be practicing veterinary medicine at the Island Animal Hospital of Venice. We provide animal dentistry services, wellness medicine, and emergency care. In our last blog, we talked about recognizing and treating heat stroke. This week we’ll stay on the subject of hot dogs and give some tips to keep your dog cool. Avoid Peak Sun Hours - The line from the old …Read More

  2. Recognizing Heat Stroke in Dogs

    Island Animal Hospital of Venice FL is your local veterinarian. We are dedicated to the health and well-being of your pets. One danger dogs face in the summer time is getting overheated. A dog’s normal body temperature is between 99.5 and 102.5. add to that a fur coat and warm temperatures and it’s easy to see how a dog can become overheated. In fact,  dogs can get heat stroke just like human…Read More

  3. Choosing the Right Breed of Dog for Your Family

    Island Animal Hospital of Venice knows that a pet becomes a real part of the family and that any trouble with a pet can affect the whole family. That’s why it’s important to pick the right breed for your family. Here are some things to consider when looking at breeds for a new addition to your home. How much exercise can I give my pet? If you have lots of free time and space (or live close to …Read More

  4. Canine Influenza

    Island Animal Hospital of Venice is your local Pet Vet Clinic and we are dedicated to the good health and well-being of your family pets. In the past few days, we’ve noticed Dog Influenza making the news so we thought we’d address it in this week’s blog. Coughing and sneezing in a dog  is usually a sign of bordetella, or kennel cough but in recent weeks there have been approximately 1000 of…Read More

  5. Dental Care for Your Cat

    Good health begins in the mouth, this goes not just for the diet your cat put in his or her mouth but for their teeth as well. It is important to check your cat’s teeth regularly. It’s best to condition your cat to having its mouth handled and examine from the time it is a kitten. You can brush your cat’s teeth by taking a small amount of cat toothpaste or salt and water and a cotton ball an…Read More

  6. Tips for Caring for Your Dog’s Teeth

    Caring for your dog's teeth is more than just about keeping their breath pleasant and fresh. It is an incredibly important step for their overall  health. Plaque can lead to periodontal disease, which, if left untreated, could lead to a variety of issues, including loss of teeth, severe pain and even a bacterial infection that can be spread through the blood to the kidneys, brain, liver or even h…Read More

  7. Welcome to Island Animal Hospital!

    Pets bring an unparalleled amount of joy, love, and acceptance into our lives. They are so much more than just our companions --they are family. Because your pets are such an important part of your life, you shouldn't entrust their care to just anyone. If you have been searching high and low for a pet veterinarian in Venice that you can trust, then you have come to the right place. We are Island A…Read More

  8. Welcome to our new website!

    We at Island Animal Hospital of Venice, Florida are proud to unvail our new website! Please have a look around.…Read More